Hello Loves.

I know Amy nor I get on this blog anymore, and I can’t bring myself to delete it, but just wanted to let you know we are both very active on our personal blogs if you wish to follow us! I’d just thought I’d pop in and say hello in honor of 1D Day and the Doctor Who 50th, thank you! xx

~Maddie xx

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"a little girl was eating popcorn and harry noticed her and kept motioning at her about eating like rubbing his tummy and stuff and not even two minutes later one of the security guys walked back to her with a HUGE bag of popcorn and said it was from harry”

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I am thee slowest you tuberrr ever …. If I don’t sort it out soon I’m gunna get a slap on the beeeeehind ahh”

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it’s tree years t’day since we were put tagehder as a band

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Marketing Guy Marcel vs. Aggressive Harry

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